I'm Cătălin.

A designer who likes to craft digital experiences.

I balance user and business needs to create delightfull products.


UX Case Study

The Foodpanda group is the leading online food delivery marketplace in emerging markets. It enables restaurants to become visible in the online and mobile world and provides them with industry-leading software and technology to generate additional demand.

The Problem

Onboarding for delivery agents

Anyone who wants to become a FoodPanda courier can do so by landing on www.rider.foodpanda.ro and onboard from there.

If there aren't any jobs available, the user is left with no other options than to quit the onboarding process.

Within the sign up flow, users need to confirm the sign up via email and they have to exit the onboarding process and check the email.


To begin my research, I started to look at a few competitior or similar platforms, analysing UI, UX, User flow, IA and key features.​


Users can download foodpanda's app from the landing page or within the app store and onboard from there.


Streamlined Onboarding Flow

A new user flow has the advantage of diminishing the back and forth between multiple systems (website, email) by making the user stay focused within one system.

Multiple entry points

Adds a new entry point to the existing onboarding process.

Instant Notifications

The user is instant notified when new jobs are available with push notifications.​

Allowing the User to Learn

If no jobs are available, the user can continue the onboarding process and learn about becoming a FoodPanda Courier.​

Smart Defaults

Taking advantage of smart defaults by automatically detecting user’s location.​

Keeping the User Streamlined

Using the provided phone number, the user no longer needs to manually confirm his account.​

If no jobs are available, the user can continue the onboarding process and learn about becoming a delivery courier.


UI Design

Muse is an audio streaming concept app that allows users to discover similar music based on their preferences.


My first UI / UX Project

Bookmed is an online medical care appointment booking service, providing free of charge medical care search facility for end users by integrating information about medical practices and doctors' individual schedules in a central location.​

My Role

UI & UX Designer

Up until May 2020, I led the efforts to design, evolve the service and address customer pain-points related to the browse and discovery experience of Bookmed on Android, IOS and web devices.​

I partenered with two project managers, a healthcare specialist and 9 developers to uncover insights and translate concepts into features that adress customer behaviours and motivations.

Our Goals

Shifting the emphasis from Free-for=Service model to Value-based-Care, which encourages the professionals to engage with patiens, offer care that's apposite for an individual, invest in technology, and incentivize providers for coordinated and effective care services.

Reducing the patient-physician appointment booking wait time and also incentivize providers with value-based-care payment model.

The Callenge

Help connect users to local physicians and specialists by creating a two-sided network that connects patients and doctors with one another on multiple devices.

Creating a consisted experience across multiple platforms and devise solutions around multiple constraints.

My Contribution

Developing and delivering artifacts on products across multiple platforms and operating systems for specific user needs on the B2B (doctors) and B2C (patients) side.​

For Patients


Landing Page

Mobile Friendly Layout

Website, Search

Website, Booking

Android & IOS Apps

For Doctors

Appointment Management Tool

Agenda, Dashboard

Agenda, Calendar, Day View

Agenda, Doctor's Work Schedule

Agenda, Scheduling an Appoiment

Android & IOS Apps